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Welcome To Zagros Sadjadi Software!
We have been making computer games and other software for 32 years. We continue to support all of our software, including our first programs for the TRS-80.

On these pages you will find information about us and our sister company,  Paragon Simulations International.

We offer political, economic, and computer consulting services. Please click on ABOUT ZAGROS SADJADI SOFTWARE for more information.

Making the Future Come True Today
For more than 30 years, Zagros Sadjadi Software has had the vision and expertise to craft solutions that are geared to the needs of small businesses. Truly now, more than ever, we make the future come true today.

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Academic Journal

We also publish the American Review of Political Economy, an international peer-reviewed academic journal covering all aspects of political economy, broadly defined.  The only journal of its kind to publish from all schools of thought in the field, we accept articles from Neoclassical, Institutional, Post-Keynesian, Marxian, Neo-Sraffian, Austrian, and Classical economists.  We also accept articles from all schools of thought in political science and international relations.  The one requirement for all papers is that work must show a sensitivity to the interrelationship between the economy and the polity.  In general, we do not publish purely theoretical papers unless policy or political economy relevance can be demostrated.

American Review of Political Economy


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